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Action: Train managers to spend 2 minutes at the beginning of every regularly scheduled meeting to talk about non-related work topics to build trust. 


  • ​​​Source: Neeley, Tsedal. "Global Teams That Work." Harvard Business Review 93, no. 10 (October 2015): 74–81.

  • Main Claim: If managing remote employees, use the SPLIT Framework:

    • Structure—If a team is made up of groups with different views about their relative power, the leader should connect frequently with those who are farthest away and emphasize unity.

    • Process—Meeting processes should allow for informal interactions that build empathy.

    • Language—Everyone, regardless of language fluency, should be empowered to speak up.

    • Identity—Team members must be active cultural learners and teachers to understand one another's identity and avoid misinterpreting behaviors.

    • Technology—When choosing between video conferencing, e-mail, and other modes of communication, leaders should ask themselves if real-time conversation is desirable, if their message needs reinforcement, and if they are opting for the technology they want others to use.



Action: Measure performance of remote workers based on results rather than time.  


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