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Action: Ensure managers know exactly how each team member likes to be recognized. Ask each team member to take the 5 Languages of Appreciation Quiz and share your results. We usually recognize others the way we ourselves like to be recognized, but your team members may like to be recognized differently than you do. Make your recognition program more effective by starting with understanding. 




Action: To increase productivity and motivation, design programs that allow your employees to interact with your customers. In-person contact is most effective. For example, invite one of your customers to speak at your next Town Hall or all hands meeting. Ask them to share both why they love your product or service and how it has personally impacted them. Track productivity spikes pre and post in person chat. 




Action: To enhance job performance, build systems that reinforce awareness of who your employees help. For example, make positive customer feedback highly visible for everyone to see. 




Action: Design programs that allow employees to reflect on how their work benefits others. For example, you can design an infographic, image or map that shows how each department contributes your company's mission! 




Action: Express gratitude once a week, not daily for the biggest effect. 




[Supporting research to invest in a gratitude/recognition program] 




[Supporting research to invest in a gratitude/recognition program] 



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