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Research Credit: Francesca Gino (Harvard Business School) & Francis Flynn (Stanford Graduate School of Business)

Research Credit: Anders Ericsson. Re: Tony Schwartz & Jim Loehr

Research Credit: Google, PiLabs

Research Credit: Tony Schwartz & Jim Loehr re: The Energy Project

Research Credit: Gallup

Research Credit: Gallup

Research Credit: Tsedal Neeley (Harvard Business School)

Research Credit: Marshall B. Rosenberg, Center for Nonviolent Communication

Research Credit: Richard D. White, Jr., PhD

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Research Credit: Hengchen Dai, Katherine Milkman, Jason Riis

Research Credit: Vanessa Bohns (Cornell University) & Mahdi Roghanizad (Western University)

Research Credit: C. W. Von Bergen, Martin S Bressler, & Kitty Campbell (Southeastern Oklahoma State University)

Research Credit: Shelly Gable (UC Santa Barbara)

Research Credit: Roy J. Lewicki (Ohio State University), Beth Polin (Eastern  Kentucky University), Robert B Lount Jr. (Ohio State University)

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