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I was inspired to start The Deep Feedback Movement through my experience at FiveStars, a series C startup. For over two years, we developed innovative people programs to accommodate the onboarding of over 400 employees. 


I know what a day in the life at a startup feels like. I know that time and money are the top two constraints. I know that execution is king. I know that startups, by their very nature are surviving on a day-to-day basis. 


So how can your startup incorporate innovative people programs usually reserved for more established companies?


The Deep Feedback Movement is a website designed to help you do just that.



  • Research: Go to the Research tab to find peer review articles for each people program whether its onboarding or recognition. I've pulled out the main claim from each source and provided tips on how you can turn this research into action. I will continue to add research that is relevant, effective and applicable, so there's much more to come!


  • Coach Bites: Check out coach bites to see actionable insights backed by research made for coaches (managers).  


The Deep Feedback Movement is your one-stop shop for social science research, insights and tools that are broken down, bite-sized and actionable. With it, you can spend less time searching and reading and more time designing your own innovative people programs. 

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